Offroad Portugal


For the people who already know the people in this company further introduction is not really necessary but for those who doesn’t: Wim De Cramer head of this company started 40 years ago a company named Wim Motors his intentions where to help people with there bicycles and motorbikes. To let them have a good service at a fair price, in the years he grown and when he sold the shop his customer base counted at least 17.000 people… This wouldn’t be able without the help of all the employees he had back then. During the years he had discovered Portugal threw a friend who was making road books there, but didn’t thought directly into moving their, first thing he did was preparing rally bikes and going to Dakar as mechanic to help pilots the fullest. With the years the idea had grew to start a new project in Portugal..

Together with his son who helped him the latest years preparing bikes in Belgium, they opened now “WIM MOTORS ACADEMY”.

Why ACADEMY??? Well we want to try every sort of pilot to help wherever it is possible, we want to try “teach” people to control the bike more. Might not always be the pilot that can improve, but maybe the steering wheel should be more up or lowering the bike so the smaller people can stand on the ground… Everything is possible and we will try to do this in the most comfortable surroundings possible.

After the riding there are many side activities available like sauna, swimming pool, private beach with bar. So to say things short: Riding and relaxing in the same package.


Who we are