Wim Motors Academy

We offer truly rally experience, our specialties are freshly made Roadbooks but there is also the possibility to ride with guide. With a extensive workplace and most up to date products we can serve any kind of customer with special demands, also providing 24 hour service. After driving there are possibilities to relax at our beach with bar, pool or sauna.

Wim de Cramer is the chief mechanic of Wim Motors Academy, together with David, employee and guide, he ensures the bikes are always in perfect condition.

The rental bikes are standard equipped with a complete road book navigation. All motors are adapted to our client’s preference. This guarantees an optimal experience for everyone! At the start of a new group, the motors are provided with a full tank, so you can immediately start without worries. If you come with your own bike, we make sure your bike is ready to ride! We have a specialized mechanic team to help you out! Our tracks are already prepared, and if you need help we assist step by step! You only have to focus on your riding!

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We offer you the best service!

There is also the possibility to bring your own motor. For more information, please contact us!

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Clint de Cramer is our road book guy. He defines the routes and edit them if necessary.

We don´t want us to compare with other enduro riding schools, as we have each route on road book. Copies of the road book routes are delivered to the riders the night before or on the day itself, so you are always well prepared.

These road books offer a 95% accuracy. We continue to strive a 100% score, but as you can imagine the (off road) road jobs continuously changes, as nature goes its own way. We try to maintain this by inspecting regular our routes and where necessary adapt them.

There are trails for everyone! We have routes from ‘Starting’ to ‘Experienced’ and also ‘Dakar Dignified’



We try to follow closely our clients as they drive and therefore we use SPOT trackers. Each client gets one before starting their trail adventure.

These SPOT trackers are uniquely assigned, so Wim Motors Academy can see if something is wrong during the trail. This is primarily a security for us, because now we know where our riders are and if further assistance is needed We can respond immediately. Yes, you heard right, we offer assistance to you and your bike.

So if your engine fails or you’ve had an accident, we are always there to help you.

You are never alone! In case of an emergency, just press a button and we got you covered!



With just a good bike you’re not ready yet. All offroad riders needs the right clothing and protective equipment. We prefer that you bring your own riding equipment, but it is also possible to rent it from us.


Cross or Enduro helmets suitable for wearing a protective offroad seat, absolutely preferable helmets with a “normal” sight. Because cross and Enduro helmets better ventilate, you have much less problems with sweat. It also protects the special valve from the sun and from tree branches.


A tightly sealed goggles prevents dust from entering the eyes. Especially people who wear contact lenses must pay attention to the fit when choosing glasses. Spectacle wearers are otherwise special goggles which ordinary glasses can be worn.


Cross and Enduro boots are absolutely required! Soft sports and touring boots are inappropriate.


The wearing of a cross or enduro pants in our opinion is the best choice. Optionally other motorcycle pants are possible.


Cross and Enduro Gloves are a must! They provide protection without the feeling of the steering wheel and is lost for the substrate. Heat and sweat can be dissipate.


Is recommended. After all you ride between trees and stones.

Knee protection

As with the boots they are closes to the ground and also very vulnerable.

Go offroad with us in Portugal!

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