Roadbook Navigation


We are specialized in making roadbook tracks and want to represent and support roadbook riding towards the customers. Our roadbooks get printed at WMA so we can always edit them digital or on paper. Our logo represent the fact that our Academy can bring you anywhere as long as you follow the arrows. We make sure that our roadbooks are good and safe towards our customers. With a small briefing all riders always know what are the extra attention points and what points/ places they can drink/eat. All our roadbooks get printed on roll.

In some amateur rally’s they still paste multiple A4 papers to eachother and that takes time and patience.

With us they are all ready to go roadbooks.

Our navigation products exist out of RNS, Rally Dash and Migtec.


As you can see the road books are in manuscript or printed, role. In some amateur rallies this is still stuck together in an A4 sheet and takes some time for us all roadbook so ready.


Who prefers can already color his roadbook the evening in front.


Our own custom cockpit with roadbook.